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Residences (Green Card)

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States can apply to members of their close family ... Read More   

E-2 Visas Treaties of Investors in United Stated

The United States has commercial agreements with different countries, this has allowed citizens...Read More   

Deportation Defense

Anybody who is in the territory of the United States may be subject to deportation proceedings... Read More   


Citizenship or Naturalization of the United States, is one of the most desired privileges granted by this country...Read More   

Immigration Court Representation

Immigraion court representation is a process in which the government tries to deport any person who is not ... Read More   

Representation for Detained Immigrants

when an undocumented immigrant is detained by immigration authorities, it is very important to make a good choice... Read More   

H-1B Visas - Professional workers

Temporary Professional workers or H-1b visa is offered by US companies for people from different countries of the world that are... Read Mores   


It is a law enforcement since March 4, 2013, this law basically generates a change to the "Law of punishment" allowing... Read More   

Political Asylum

According to the guidelines provided by the USCIS or US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Asylum is offered to all... Read More   

Motion to Reopen Immigration Case

Motion to reopen a case; This is a right of every foreigner which allows him to an immigration judge review your case again...Read More   

Treaty Trader or E-1 visa

Through the E-1 visa, the United States allows the investor to live in the country to have better control of their businesses or investments...Read More   

Temporary Protected Status or TPS

Status of Temporary Protection or TPS, are temporary residence permits in the territory of the United States which allows the...Read More   

Temporary Nonimmigrant Workers Visas

Temporary visas or visas "H"; they are temporary. stay in the territory of the United States... Read More   


NACARA is for some people of Guatemala, El Salvador and the former Soviet bloc countries that entered... Read More   

U visas victims of criminal activity

USCIS helps protect victims of trafficking and other crimes providing immigration legal alternatives... Read More