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Due to a federal court order, USCIS will begin to not accept requests for extension of DACA February 18, as originally planned. The temporary court injunction issued on February 16, does not affect the existing program of DACA. People can go ahead and order an initial granting of DACA or renewal of CCIP, according to the criteria established in 2012, described below. Read More   
Deferred Action Responsibility of Parents of US citizens and legal permanent residents DAPA Read More   
If your period of two years of deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA, for its acronym in English) is expiring soon. You must request a renewal. Read More   
Refugee Minor Program. This program allows children at risk who are in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras can be safe, legal and orderly entry into the United States as refugees manner. Read More   
Status of Refugees and Asylum will be provided to those who have been persecuted or fear being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, and / or membership in a particular social group or political opinion. Read More   
The U visa is a legal alternative immigration crime victims well as victims of trafficking; It is a form of modern slavery in which traffickers attract people with false promises of jobs and a better life Read More   
Spouse, children or parents abused, you can file an immigrant visa petition under Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), for its acronym in English. VAWA allows certain spouses, children and parents of US citizens and certain spouses and children of permanent residents (Green Card) to submit your own request without the abuser's knowledge. This will allow victims to feel safe and independence from the abuser. VAWA provisions apply equally to women and men. Your abuser will not be notified that you have applied for immigration benefits under VAWA. leer más   
The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, for its acronym in English) may designate a foreign country Temporary Protected Status (TPS, for its acronym in English) due to conditions in the country that prevent the country's citizens back temporarily to their country safely. USCIS may grant TPS to eligible nationals of certain countries (or parts thereof) that are already in the United States. Eligible persons without nationality who last habitually resided in the designated country, could also obtain TPS. Read More   
Permission is granted Humanitarian sometimes people who would otherwise be unacceptable in the United States for a perίodo of time and due to emergency situations.Read More   
Sometimes natural disasters and other extreme situations can happen. These facts may affect your application, request or immigration status to the Department of Homeland Security. At the Law Office of the Lawyer David will do our best to help you get the benefits for which they qualify. The following options may be requested by victims of natural disasters and other extreme situations: leer más