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Adjustment of Status through a Family Membership

US citizens can apply for their close relatives such as parents, spouses, children and siblings. Similarly legal permanent residents can apply to their close relatives such as spouses, children or unmarried children under 21 years of age. This reference allows them to become legal permanent residents. However, these requests can last for many years of waiting, if the person requesting the family is a legal permanent resident or US citizen and also depending on whether the beneficiary is a minor or an adult, married or not.

Furthermore, once it is submitted the request the beneficiary can be adjusted in the territory of the United States, If the beneficiary entered the last time the country legally, or if the petition was filed before April 30, 2001. If any of these situations fits the family member that has been requested. The person who requested would have to return to the consulate in their country of origin to apply.

Adjustment of Status through the Employer

Some immigrants can immigrate to the United States through some type of jobs and each has different categories:

  • Visas for priority workers included all persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers and executives of multinational organizations and managers.
  • Visas for professionals, experts and other workers.
  • Visas for special immigrant religious worker as a dependent of the court, returning residents and others
  • Investor visa, which grants residency to people who invest heavily in the United States and create jobs.

Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery

Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a commonly known cone "Green Card Lottery" by order of the United States Congress to receive a Permanent Resident Card United States. The lottery is administered once a year by the Department of State and conducted under the terms of Section 203 (c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, INA. The Act provides 50,000 permanent resident visas.